It’s Time To Go Home (Ep 1)

There comes a moment when it is simply Time To Go Home. The journey was long. The job is done. The night is cold. The body is exhausted. The burden is old. The eyes are tired. Nothing is in the tank. Then, simply put, it is time to go home. Don’t you agree?

That’s exactly how Regina feels in our first episode of this Matchbox Mystery. But! Will she?

We’ve only just begun our journey. Let’s see if we might ferret any cue or clue to aid us along the route, lead us to The Treasure, or draw us to some truth.

SBL _ Ep1 – Time To Go Home (vid – Dramatized Matchbox Mystery)
Narrated by Neville DeAngelou


Hmmmm … The Journey Continues …. Alkeesha, now nibbling her knuckles, is watching Don Lemon (CNN), whom she long wanted to twitter but hasn’t. Her nerves, you see.

By the look in Puddy Cat’s eyes I can tell puddy is thinking something’s afoot. “I wonder where these two bffs – Peena and Regina – believe they are rushing to? Home? I did hear them say, Bye. Meow.

Puddy Cat

Puddy Cat

What is home, anyway? Where is it?

Home ought to be a place, isn’t it, where a man, a woman, a boy, a girl, a family, lovers, partners, siblings, anyone or any set of cherished beings, can hang out unshackled, unburdened; a place where one can be one’s self and true to one’s self – unparodied and without pretense – safe – not abused – a space where one is allowed to be free, to let one’s hair swag loose, to let all of one’s parts sway in the breeze; a place, say, like here? Is that not true? Home is the place, isn’t it, that is pulsating with memories and feelings that keep us alive, that keep us wanting to be alive and to rise and to fly, a place to rest. It is that space where you are really you! It’s the place where I am simply me! Ecstatic. Exuberant. Contemplative. Calm. At peace with myself. At home. Warm.

No? Not so?

Then where is home?

Perhaps I should pause for a bit and breathe and hear me a beautiful song. I don’t mind if you sing along. In fact, please do. Go ahead. Click on it. I promise you it will sing to you. Sing. You’ll need the practice. Ha-ha-hahhh!


Well! Can we ever go home? Or is there a BUT? Sometimes I wonder.

JP is telling me ‘BUT’ is an inescapable conjunction. It can be insufferable too. “That very much depends upon what’s in the BUT,” JP says.

“Ah! Is there even a ‘but’ here, JP, even if ever so subtle?”
“What are you so worried about?”
“Nothing. Sometimes I wonder about this and that. Don’t you?”
“When I do, I wonder if there is something stuck in the ‘but’ holding me back, spoiling my groove. So, I investigate. You should too. Check out your ‘buts’! Be sure there is nothing untoward stuck, trapped or hanging loose, halting your strut.” JP says. Check them buts. Always check them out. You might be surprised. I sometimes am when I do.”
“Meow,” Puddy Cat says, wandering off.

Well, did you find in this first episode of our Matchbox Mystery any cue or any clue to any prickly issue? Hmm?

Let’s join Tommy, Dawn and Dalton. Their show is about solving this mystery, finding the treasure, and sharing their nuggets with us. Oh, yummy.

Oh, a caveat! Don’t let their discourse bias you. Think! They are wrestling with the mystery just like you. They have no inside information. None whatsoever! They are on The Journey too.

One more important bit! A Matchbox Mystery has several unique and necessary features. One is: it exposes your private/personal mystery. Don’t worry. It doesn’t divulge your secret; it unravels your mystery to you. Only you can divulge that. How does it do this? I’ll tell you later. But, you are smart enough. And, ah, we ought to revisit that tricky issue – secrets – shouldn’t we?

Remember as well: each person taking the matchbox-mystery challenge sees, hears, feels what you may not see or hear or feel. That’s okay. Trust me. Each time you reinvestigate the mystery you’re bound to discover something you hadn’t seen or heard or felt or figured the first time around. Aha! Or the second time around. That’s okay. These are your ahas. Grab them. Peruse them. Use them. Let your mind be free. Don’t be alarmed by your spikes of brilliance. The brain! The brain. The brain. Besides, you’ve worried enough. It’s time to think. You’ve got company.

Matchbox Mystery Show 01 – Pink Slips

Matchbox Mystery Show Hosts

Matchbox Mystery Show Hosts

These are tough times, aren’t they? Some of us are in some very tough places. True? JP is telling me there are those who want to keep us there, want to keep us wallowing in the rough. “Yep! There are those,” he repeats. “But whose choice is it, after all is said and done? Huh? Ah, there is that but again.”

Well, my friends, keep talking to each other. Share your experience. “But, please, do resist shoving your experience down each other’s throats,” JP says. “Share doesn’t mean SHOVE.” By the way, did you find any hint to our mysteries, any clue, any value-tip you’d like to take away? My granny used to tell me, “your junk might well be someone else’s treasure – offer it up; don’t pile it on the pity-dump. Share.” Ha-ha-hah, you say, Faraday, I say, Farrah Gray. Ha-ha-hahhh!


Face critical challenges confidently, fiercely and purposefully. Understand personal whats and whys as you work through your best hows. Enjoy a full, blessed and fun life with those you cherish and love. 

There you have it, my friends. Hope that tip is as good for you as it is for me. Blogging to you ‘live’ from The Journey, where our art experiment continues and my artistic friends are precious people, and don’t you forget the banner for our journey: Live! Love! Laugh! You are worth every blip of it. Yes. It’s the truth.

See you along the route.

Neville DeAngelou
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