Veronica’s Baby

Whilst I was a boy I overheard lots about the ending of the world – a coming apocalypse – a violent destruction of all that is earthly, everything unworthy, and something about sin.

That kind of talk gets a boy’s attention. Trust me.

Perhaps, someone knew this.

If the idea was to deliver hope to a boy then the messengers sent to my corner of this hopeless world missed the mark big time. If, however, their pure intention was to instill fear and trembling, submission and obedience, my-my-my, bullseye. Downed! First shot!

I had to find me some wiggling room.

Maybe, I heard something that wasn’t meant for my ear, I don’t know, but I got to thinking it didn’t seem just and holy for a just and holy God to burn a newborn baby. I  got to wondering if a just and holy God would create a precious soul in one moment then crush or burn that soul the very next. I got to wondering real hard.  Maybe, I heard something else not meant for my ear, I don’t know, but I found me my wiggling room.


The newer, the better!

Every time I heard about the birth of a  baby, I hustled over to behold the new wonder. Then I  took me a deep breath of fresh air. The world’s not ending today, I comforted myself on each occasion, not today, not today, not today; this baby is too new.

I kinda like new babies.

I planned to have me a bunch – twelve, at least! Insurance.

When I was a boy, I thought as a boy; I spake as a boy. But these are not childish things. I still greet babies with a big broad smile and receive them with cushioning arms. I still hurt and tremble for babies forced to hear unwelcome words. So, when Veronica announced across the coffee counter she had good news, and I said, “Tell me,” and she said, “I am pregnant,” I beamed. “Congratulations,” I said. I hugged her. I hugged her long.

Veronica is 21.

Veronica is happy to share her story and I am honored to present it to you in seven parts. I encourage you to ask yourself during each presentation, what would you do?

This is not a political statement of any kind. This is not a religious argument of any kind. I am not involved in any debate whatsoever on this subject, and I did not inquire of Veronica her opinion on either grounds. This is a young woman’s story. This is the beginning of a baby’s story. Veronica trusted me to share their intertwined stories with you. I am honored she shared it with me. I hope you will be too.

Let me re-itterate my encouragement: I’m not asking you what should Veronica do; Veronica already knows what she will do; I am asking, what would YOU do?

Welcome to this leg of The Journey – Veronica’s Baby.

Neville DeAngelou


Neville DeAngelou is author of ILICET – A Time To Begin Again, Flight Of The Fused Monkeys, Bowfoot Peter: Sticks And Stones, The Rat And The Alley Cat.

Bowfoot Peter: Sticks And Stones by Neville DeAngelou

RyoBooks Quick Read Series


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