On The Journey

Welcome, fellow travelers.

Nature Boy accepted the honor. He opened the Matchbox Mystery vault, retrieved the secret map and this guide:

A Sound Byte Life

A SOUND-BYTE LIFE by Neville DeAngelou - Kindle Nook iPad


Beneath the riddle on the secret map was a question, placed by The Sage:

“For every life lived long enough, he or she will slip then slide into a deep hole and call up for help. ‘Help!’ If ever help will come, always, three hands will appear. The hand of a hustler. The hand of a riddler. The hand of a clown. Which will you choose? Choose wisely.”

Your life is about to change.


Through A Glass, Darkly

"Through A Glass Darkly"


No one rushed to volunteer an answer; they all dove into the guide. Before the first flick, some were caught smiling, some were seen looking at the ceiling; one was scribbling on a secret pad.

We ate a delicious curry – actually, they wolfed it down – followed by chugs of ice cream. Then we hit the road – lots of laughter. It was 11:07 pm.

The Journey has begun.



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