Where Do We Fit?


In the light of our many plights – as dramatized in Europe, on Wall Street, in Arabia and Africa, in our homes and schools – and moved by last week’s passing of Steve Jobs – a creative genius – it is appropriate that our first stop this week be at this reflective pool: a reminder to think differently.

We’re in a hole. Like Peena May Montague, like Clay the teen-phene, like Luis Mendoza, amidst our tortuous wrestling, we often find the solution we are seeking in the oddest of places. Right there! In the hole. Right there! At the hand  of the hustler, or the riddler, or the clown, if we choose smartly. Right there – flat on the back – written on the ceiling. Right there!

And where else? Which other odd place? Which one of us wants to guess? If it is right there, why don’t I yet see it? Will I stumble into it? Will it hit me in the face? Where is right there? Which odd place in the crosswinds of these wars? The digital war. The spiritual war. The ideological wars. Where? Why is it so obvious that I can’t see it?

Right there! Take a breath. Look in the pool. Right there! This is the reason we’ve made this our first stop. Right there! The misfits! The solution is clear. Look before they trouble the waters. Again. See? Right there.

Right there! There’s the solution. Yours. Mine.

With this, I honor you. Namaste.

“Projecting the slides of our perfections we inadvertently distract each other from the sparkling gems of our truest inspiration.” A Sound Byte Life.


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