A Donkey In A Hole

Mark, our FB friend, told the story of the donkey that fell into a deep well. Fed up of the donkey’s piteous cries, the farmer decided the donkey was old and helpless anyway, so it was much better to fill in the well and cover it over.


A Donkey In A Hole


The farmer invited neighbors to help, so they all grabbed their shovels and began shoveling dirt into the well. The donkey cried out even more. That farmer and his neighbors kept shoveling in more and more dirt, and the donkey went quiet.

A few loads later, looking into the well, they all stood back in amazement. That donkey had begun shaking the dirt off its back and had stepped on it and climbed a little higher, then a little higher, then a little higher, ever higher until that donkey stepped right over the edge of that well.



“Everyone living long enough,” The Sage did say, “will slip into a deep hole and cry up for help. Three hands will appear: the hand of a hustler, the hand of a riddler, and the hand of a clown. Choose wisely or be buried there.” A Sound Byte Life.



 See you along the journey.


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