Who Are You … today?

Wham! Bam! Whack! Blam! OMG! … an unscheduled personality makeover.

Meet the new me!
Fun or scary?
Who Are You … Today? … our quirky life video.

Is there a moment which so changed you, you’re no longer the person you were? Or are you in a relationship; suddenly, that person is no longer the person you used to know? Something happened!

Successful relationships require compassion, compatibility, closeness and a certain level of comportment. Strangely, though, we do not remain static throughout the arc of our lives. We are growing. Or we are dying. To be more precise: the moment of birth is the beginning of the process of dying. We are constantly changing – deliberately or by default.

The wonder of any relationship – that magical moment (or period) of comportment, compassion, compatibility and closeness that is so marvelous, sweet, enriching, energizing and fulfilling – seems inevitably doomed or at best constantly threatened by this process of growing and dying.

Or is it?

Can such relationships continue this magical dance whilst the music is changing and when the rhythm proceeds to beat differently in the hearts of the dancers?

I explore a bit of this with my guests Benjamin Zuniga and Brandon Hogland on The Journey – BlogTalkRadio with this question: Who Are You … today?

A Sound Byte Life

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A Sound Byte Life

A Sound Byte Life

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