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The standing question on this leg of The Journey Radio Show is: What Seals The Deal for YOU? LISTEN / DOWNLOAD THE PODCAST HERE

Whether it is family, fame, fortune or favor, exactly what seals a deal?

This question is put to German Professional Tennis Player Tobias Clemens, to an SEO/Internet Marketing Consultant Jared Carrizales, and to our Texas Instrument Lead Engineer, Nitin Nalin, as well as, to three up-and-comers. Their instructive responses are top-notch and amusing, birthing a new twin term: likeability-linkability – one of the most effective proven methods of racing up the social networking hierarchy to seal the big deal.

I love it.

Merry Christmas

What seals the deal for you?

In context – christmas – what seals the deal for you is a two-pronged question.

Its first prong is implicit: what triggers that feeling of Christmas in you? This is the ticklish prick. Their answers made me chuckle like a ganja-choked teenager.

My answer is easy: Nat King Cole singing O Come All Ye Faithful.

Back when I was a boy, though, it was my mother belting out The Twelve Days Of Christmas that did it to me, and when I was a lad it was a Secret Admirer’s first Christmas Card. Who was that? Still a secret to me.

So, what triggers that special Christmas feeling in you?

The second prong of this ticklish question is explicit (wink-wink): how do you win that cherished stamp-of-approval – the big deal? It’s a slog negotiating this saturated social cloud? So how do you get it? This is the sweet prick.

It is not so much that our SEO’s answer is new – though, it might be to many – I like it because it is clear cut and clean. And it turns out that the magical tingle most of us feel in the midst of sealing-the-big-deal has nothing to do with magic. Really!

Or beauty – entirely.

Though, that helps.

(Don’t worry, God don’t make no ugly child. Just get a better mirror. It’s cheap.)

So, if Claus (wink-wink) delivers the present down the chimney in the dead of a wintry night – on the 24th – and it lights up all your cockles, you’re APPROVED! If Claus doesn’t come, it’s all your fault, but don’t worry – be happy – it isn’t the end. Just yet. (Wink-wink. Wink-wink.)

So, who is your Santa? How do you win his stamp of approval? Where are those puppy-faced reindeers? Who has the sleigh? Behind which door is the big chocolate? What seals the big deal, whether for family, fame, fortune or favor?

Somebody knows.

And here it is for free.

Tobias Clemens

Tobias Clemens - SMU Tennis Coach

Anyway, our favorite German Professional Tennis Player, SMU Coach and UCLA Grad – Tobias Clemens – reveals the secret trigger of the special Christmas feeling.


And how do you seal the Big Deal? Well, let’s just say that Tobias makes a big revelation on air. “I ate all her chocolate.” Huh? Yes. He ate all of her chocolate. There is a secret in there. Grab the chocolate AND eat it – QUICK! This reminds me very much of that marvelous pocket-sized Quick Read revelation, The Rat And The Alley Cat (How To Get What You Want While You’re Busy Changing The World).

Much like that twinkly alley cat, it didn’t appear to me that Tobias was one bit sad about eating all her chocolate. Bad boy!

But it turns out that bad boys are quite good. Really. They know what they want. They find out where it is. They go and grab it – all of it! And they eat it all. Yep. Into the belly! All gone. Can you spot the mystery secret? Or do you feel queasy?

Confident of his prowess and pleased to be on The Journey – Our Matchbox Mystery Radio Show sharing this secret, and twinkling through his apology to the chocolate-less cry-baby, while expressing sincere gratitude to his Los Angeles Christmas family, Tobias allows us a solid piece of his precious advice – the one thing we must do before we die: go to Machu Pichu.

I endorse the sentiment.

Thank you, Tobias.

Jared Carrizales - Independent SEO/Internet Marketing Consultant

Well, that’s all good and great for chocolate lovers, but what about our young entrepreneurs, social butterflies and creative geniuses who desperately want to climb the crowded ladder of internet visibility to seal that deal – fame and fortune?

Or, in the spirit of the season, how does one get those robust reindeers to fetch fat Santa to our chimneys to deliver our goodies?

SEO Consultant Jared Carrizales reveals it all on The Journey – Our Radio Show.

To clarify – for those of us non-techie creatives: SEO = Search Engine Optimization.

You know how you google a key-word or a question when you are searching for a particular set of information? You don’t want junk. And you don’t want to dig through ten pages to find it. Right?

Well, these guys – SEOs – know exactly what GOOGLE (other search engines too) needs in order to make YOU the TOP response to a visitor’s search requests – if you know you’ve got what that seeker needs. These SEOs know exactly how to give you that HIGH Ranking in every search engine. They can improve your SNH Score i.e. your SOCIAL NETWORKING HIERARCHY SCORE. I just made that term up. Ain’t that cool?

So, what can you and I, rather, MUST YOU & I do to climb to the top of the social ladder? Lots! Here’s is what’s cool too. The answer is exactly the same for how to attract your most favored Christmas guests to your twinkly christmas tree if you want them to enjoy the gifts there AND it is exactly the same for how to lure the choicest meatloaves into your love nest so you could enjoy their tastiest treats. Okay, we have to switch on our brains now. Uh!

Here is the gist (in non-technical, non emotional terms):

    Give them what they want – nothing more, nothing less. YES!
    Wrap it in their favorite wrap; if they don’t like it wrapped, DON’T!
    Dip your twinkles in cinnamon. Don’t sing – unless they want you to sing. DON’T ARGUE … unless you are looking for a fight! Laugh. Laugh. Laugh. And they’ll stay.
    Like it – if you like it. Regardless, THAT HAT IS THE COOLEST THING EVER, if Aunty Poo-Poo thinks it is the coolest hat ever. Laugh later.
    They like; you like: You’re approved. Sit by the fire. Coffee? Martini? Cuddle. Knock yourself out.
    DON’T want the riffraff? Put a SIGN at the gate: Merry XMas – Have A Happy New Year; C U Later.

IMPORTANT: No one really gives a damn if Santa is your daddy! Unless . . .

Here is the gist – if you’re a geek!

  • Starbucks!
  • Hot! Have what they want: rich, usable, quality content; clear, concise, clickable
  • Hot! Have easy-to-find address: applicable key words, targeted tags, appropriate title
  • Hot! Don’t badger, build! Your visitors are your builders: they like, they link – think ants
  • Hot! Laughter lasts longer
  • Hot! Likability = Linkability; think doggie; licky-licky = likie-likie; the ladder, baby!
  • Very Cold! Rants. Rages. Spam. Buy-buy. Buy-buy. Buy-buy.
    IMPORTANT! Santa Claus is coming to town … YOU have to wave him over!

Imagine building the best lounge on a busy block. Know who you want to come in. Build it totally FOR THEM and they will come! They want to see Santa too.

Just Imagine If Life was all this way! Hmm?

What happens if you’ve already screwed up? You’ve already dug yourself a deep hole? How do you get out? Solving these little and not-so-little mysteries of our lives are the serious business of The Journey’s humor and the challenges of The Journey’s guests.

Whether it is about how to get out of a hole, how to rejuvenate a dried-up life, how to start over with your best foot forward, how to fix your ugly toes, why men have nipples, or how to get that dog to stop humping your leg; it doesn’t matter, The Journey seeks the answer. That is why we are tracking the fascinating characters in A Sound Byte Life. Nitin Nalin, our third guest and future cohost. Offer his bit of advice too. It’s sound, but I couldn’t stop laughing.

Join Us On The Journey - Share Your Story.

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