My Christmas Tree

We pause on The Journey to celebrate this season with you on air. LISTEN / DOWNLOAD this very special PODCAST dedicated to family, friends and followers, titled ‘My Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas

Season's Greetngs

My Christmas Tree is tall and evergreen.

Its branches are robust and prickly – the joyous energy of veritable brothers: David and Gaston, Brandon and Deivid, Misha and Pablo.

My Christmas tree is sprinkled with joy dust.

loads dipped from the shavings of a life alive with the love and laughter above par that of any acquired family spreading hope and cheer: Andre, Leyland, Noel, Ric, Chris, Keith, Joan, Janice, Giilan, Martha, Grace and Yvette.

My Christmas Tree is adorned with precious ornaments – cherished memories of the kinds of friends, collaborators and advisors many dream.

There is a huge star atop my Christmas tree – its crowning glory – sparkling with the sacrifices of my mom and my granny and Mother Grooms – three of the mightiest women this world has ever known.

Gifts of love, joy, peace and laughter are packed beneath my tree. For you!

And there is a manger.

The three wise ones have come from afar: Nitin Nalin, Benjamin Zuniga and June Junes – angels – anointing me – imbuing me with the courage to let the rhythms of my heart beat in tune with the waves of our universe

For I’m but a drummer boy.

The star lights my tree, which lights every city and town and village in the gleam of eyes across many nations – eyes of friends and loved ones, eyes of angels, eyes of hope and love.

These lights are sparkling with gratitude
gratitude to our soldiers who are home
gratitude to our soldiers still in the field
gratitude for all who fight for justice, peace and freedom
gratitude for those who give hope to the weak and grace to the strong

The sparkles of these lights are in eyes all around – so our roads are lit.

My Christmas tree is full of joyous song, compliments of:

  • Four time Grammy-nominated artist Richard Souther – a composer, producer, arranger, sound designer and multi-keyboardist, with numerous best-selling albums – playing brilliantly, I Wonder As I Wander
  • Nashville-based singer/songwriter, activist, author, composer and guitarist Gary Davis (Davis Deluxe Music) – one of the coolest voices ever – singing his composition I Wish Every Day Was Christmas
  • Multi-award-winning singer-songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist and prolific performer Don Campbell lighting us up with a song that travels from his heart to every heart – Christmas Lights
  • Oswald & The Herringbones, GBS Records, Columbus OH led by John Botzenius and Tom Boyer – Feeding The Hungry and Poor Through Music – gets us going with their joyously eclectic rendition of Hark The Herald Angels Sing
  • The Yule Logs – the hardest working band in Show Business, who knows The Seven Ways To Ruin Your Holiday Party – underscores our sentiment with a rollicking performance of We Wish You A Merry Christmas

My Christmas Tree is your Christmas tree – yours ever to enjoy.

I wonder what your tree is like.

I wonder, as I wander, how you are in this moment: cuddled, cozy, warm, happy, smiling, sweet, busy, relaxed, grateful?

May your dreams come true.

Merry Christmas.
Happy Hanukkah
Cherished Kwanza

Merry Christmas

Season's Greetngs

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