Agony & Dubi

David Tarlo and Don Fletcher on The Journey with Neville DeAngelou explore Games Men Play In The Coffee Shop. Listen to the PODCAST here. Free download.

David Tarlo, the younger son of holocaust survivors, is an artist and an acupuncturist. The academic realities motivating Agony (sculpture) and his doberman’s unwavering devotion, which inspires his painting – Dubi, underscore the four deep secrets of men-playing-games revealed on The Journey – Your Radio Show.

Don Fletcher is the son of a Backgammon professional. An avid player himself, and a former actor now researching the many intriguing aspects of spirituality, Don offers up his experiences in the wealthy gambling houses of New York’s East side, as well as, the many unforgettable characters – arabian princes saddled with pouches full of rubies and diamonds – frequenting Dallas, one of the world’s Backgammon meccas and home of Backgammon Master Malcolm Davis, a family friend.

Their insights, along with those of Ruth and Kirstie Hearn, illuminate Games Men Play In The Coffee Shop. Listen to the Podcast here.

The Works Of David Tarlo

Painting - Dubi by David Tarlo

David And Don

David Tarlo and Don Fletcher on The Journey


Sculpture - Agony by David Tarlo

This mutilation, David explains, is demonstrative of the vexing issues of war and violence. Abandoned to rust, later to be sandblasted, Agony was painstakingly put together before its heart was ripped out and its abdomen stabbed with a rod.

David Tarlo's Art and Photography

David Tarlo's Art & Photography

These two brass/bronze pieces are facial derivatives of Icarus, the mythological son of the Athenian master craftsman Daedalus. King Minos of Crete imprisoned Daedalus within the walls of his own invention – the Labyrinth. This genius craftsman would not suffer himself to be a captive. He made two pairs of wings using feathers waxed to a wooden frame, gave a pair to his son, and cautioned him not to fly too close to the sun, since that would cause the wax to melt. Icarus flew and was so ecstatic at his ability to fly, he forgot his father’s warning. The wax melted. His feathers came loose. He plunged to his death in the sea. Tarlo has not yet named these telling pieces. Two-Faced is a possibility.

David Tarlo's Jewelry

David Tarlo's Jewelry

Jewelry – rings and pendants, including intricate skulls not shown here – are not to be relegated to arts-and-crafts, David stresses. These are sculptures. They are works of art.

A Sample of Tarlo's Photographic Art - Refractions

Like poetry in pictures, there is an emotive quality to his photographic art – refractions – buildings refracted by other glass buildings across the Dallas landscape.

Mask In An Arm Chair

Sculpture - Mask In An Arm Chair by David Tarlo

David Tarlo is a graduate of the University Of Texas (Austin). He was born in Israel, son of Polish parents, who escaped Nazi camps. David lives in Dallas Texas.

Don Fletcher hails from Rockwall, Texas. He is searching for his next new adventure, while considering screen plays.

The Journey – Your Radio Show connects with fascinating people sharing intriguing stories and novel solutions to some of life’s tricky problems.

Along with our guests, The Journey tracks the real and imaginary characters of three modern classics:

A Sound Byte Life (SBL series)
Flight Of The Fused Monkeys (Star 5 Series)
ILICET – A Time To Begin Again (Myosheka True Story Series).

These three intriguing books are available in all formats from Amazon/Kindle and Barnes&Noble/Nook on any of your smartest reading devices. Uncover why men play games. It’s not just to have fun. It’s not merely to win. And it’s definitely not to conform to the rules. Those rules are for you!

David Tarlo's Photographic Art

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