RC’s Advice To Young Poets

A POET’S LIFE (Part 2)

Poet Ric Couchman and author Neville DeAngleou read the following poems by Ric Couchman on The Journey Radio Show:

Listen to these poems here:

Ric Couchman's Photographic Art - Brazil

The Journey – Your Radio Show connects with fascinating people sharing intriguing stories and novel solutions to a few of life’s tricky problems.

Along The Journey we also track the very real and imaginary characters of three modern classics:

A Sound Byte Life (SBL series)
Flight Of The Fused Monkeys (Star 5 Series)
ILICET – A Time To Begin Again (Myosheka True Story Series).

These three intriguing books are available in all formats from Amazon/Kindle and Barnes&Noble/Nook on any of your smartest reading devices. Re-discover the rhythms of the soul.

The Poet’s Advice To Young Poets

Audio: The Poet – Part 2 01/08 on The Journey | Host: Neville DeAngelou. Poet: Ric Couchman.

– Publishing is not the first priority.

– Read as many poems from others as you can.

– Poetry is compressed emotions

The first order of business is not to have to interpret the poem in order to discover its meaning. Listen to its rhythm, its tone, its beat, the emotional rhythm, the emotional tone, the emotional beat. Meaning and understanding will eventually come.

– Good poetry is simple and clear.

Don’t think of a poem as some cryptic construct with hidden meanings requiring you to dig deep to discover it or requiring you to have some special gift or insight in order its appropriate meaning. Good poetry is simple and clear.

– To write poetry you need to understand the elements of poetry.

Learn about figurative devices, figurative language, symbols, similes, metaphors, the difference between connotation and denotation.

– Be observant. And Listen.

There is a lot going on around us. There is a lot of rhythm and music and beat around. Soon, you’ll start to hear it inside; you’ll start to use words like paint. Play it back in words. Respond to that beat.

– Now you’re ready to produce really wonderful and inspiring poetry.

Best Selling Book One of the intriguing SBL series

A Sound Byte Life
by Neville DeAngelou

“Everyone living long enough will slip, fall into a deep hole and look up for help. Three hands will appear. The hand of a hustler. The hand of a riddler. And the hand of a clown. Choose wisely or be buried there.” The Sage

Which hand will you choose?

Find your way out of the hole. Re-discover your golden touch.

Escape the trap sprung amidst the clash of three superior forces. Defeat the demons of doom. For, my daddy used to say, “When elephants humping boy got no business being between.”

Powerful. Transformative. Must Read

ILICET – A Time To Begin Again by Neville DeAngelou

This is the award-winning true story of three mighty women and a boy beneath the mountain. And it is the story of the second most powerful word in the univers.

Discover the truth about why we (you and I) do the things we do the way we do them.

Engaging. Rewarding. Unforgettable.

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