Transitioning From Student Athlete To A Professional


Transitioning From A Student Athlete To A Professional

Former ATP Player and ATP World Tour Manager, current Director of Shores Tennis and Tournament Director of Dallas Tennis Classic 2012,  Zoltan Papp, shares his intriguing story on The Journey providing invaluable insight to student athletes considering their next best step and to parents who only want the best for their children.

Tournament Director Zoltan Papp

Zoltan’s Podcast on The JOURNEY:

This is the first episode of a new series on THE BUSINESS OF SPORT. Experts from many aspects of sport will share their stories and present the nitty-gritty and fun scoop about sport on The JOURNEY

How to achieve your best. Preparing for college. Getting to college. How to maximize your college experience. Making it as a professional. The professions of sport. And much more. 

For a fun prelude to this series, listen to The Games Men Play.

While on air on The Journey, Mr. Papp announced the return of top ATP Players to Dallas in the Dallas Tennis Classic 2012  to be played at the Four Seasons Resorts March 12 – 18. The Dallas Tennis Classic is designed to accommodate players who lose in the early rounds of Indian Wells and want a Tune Up before the Sony Ericsson. 

On The Journey, we meet fascinating people with 
    intriguing stories and novel solutions to 
life’s tricky problems.


  • Who are our highest paid athletes?
  • How do they earn their salaries?
  • Do you have what it takes?
  • You’ve just played the match of your life and you lost, what do you do?

Six hours clawing, screaming, scowling, scrambling, grueling ground strokes – an epic battle down under – the 2012 gripping Australian Open Final – is another of a long line of examples of why we all love sport. How do they do it? What brings them back from the brink stronger and ever more eager?

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  • The Rat And The Alley Cat

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A true story forming the basis
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2012 Australian Open Men’s Finals and Semi-Finals are strongly demonstrative of three facts worthy of these moments.

  • Matches are not won on paper nor in the analysts’ chair; they are won in the arena.
  • At every encounter one has at one’s disposal the armory fetched there, including lessons learned from all previous encounters. Whatever is not learned is not there. And whatever is brought there is worthless, if not used … wisely.
  • The battle being waged in the arena is not necessarily the one you’re seeing; the real battle is The Inner Game, which elite athletes can detect by observing on-court decisions and demeanor. Note, as well, that triumph is not merely about grabbing that trophy (the trophy is a symbol – and a damn good one too!)

  • Chew on these for a moment. Ruminate. Let their juices dribble slowly into place. Taste the many layers of each. THINK ON THEM AS YOU WATCH EACH MATCH AND AS YOU NOTICE EACH CHAMPION AT WORK. We are looking at each of these facts through different lenses, as we continue along our journey. If you are an athlete or a parent of an athlete, we recommend you visit Sweet Spot ( Bookmark it. Follow the Business Of Sport series there from an athlete’s perspective.

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    Listen to Sports Illustrated Senior Writer Jon Wertheim’s podcast: Svetlana Kuznetzova reflects on her career. 

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