The Women I Love

A Tribute To Our Mighty Women
Neville DeAngelou

Let me say this: I am acquainted with a few mighty women.

I’ll say this too.

If I have my druthers and the power to grant wishes, I’d give every youth on earth the joy of spending at least one day with Mother Grooms, in her kitchen, or at her dinner table, or in her living room around a board game, or just seated at her feet while she works a stitch.

Not only that!

I’d grant to every youth on earth a day with my mother – a day with her in a classroom set outdoors by a river, or a day betwixt swirling breezes atop a mountain, or to just be seated at her feet while she works a stitch to completion.


If I have my druthers, I’d grant, as well, to every youth on earth a third wish: the witness of a new birth, that is, to capture with eyes wide open and heart in tact every moment of that miracle; from the crowning of the head to the snipping of the chord, in hope that that youth would witness how seamlessly body, mind and soul come stitched together, and how my granny, being right there with them, could turn misfortune into unvarnished gold, like all mighty women do.


Permit me and I would grant these three to every youth alive, for I am disposed to hope that such a fortunate group, such a privileged generation, would, upon the seeding of these three simple wishes, bit by bit, stitch the ruptures of our world such that the thieves of souls will no longer find joy in their loathsome mission; such that children will no longer have to bargain their dignity for two bits of food; such that workers will no longer have to awake in the long nightmare in which their futures are bartered at the pleasure of the greedy few; such that religious cliques, political clowns, powerful operatives and ideologues will not find it so lucrative and so easy and so pleasurable to bugger the innocence out from trusting souls and poison impoverished minds.

No more!

Permit my sweet delusion, please. Grant every man and every child one day seated, silently, hearts unchained and minds wide open, at the feet of our mighty women; earth will spring anew. We shall all flourish. This is my wish for you today: find a mighty woman and seek her permission to sit at her feet. There’ll be no need to thank me; I will see the change and our children will thank you.

My Superwoman

So let me say this again: I am acquainted with a few mighty women. You should be acquainted with a few too.

Happy Woman’s Day

To The Women In My Life: If you could see through my eyes, you’d see the gem you are. If you hear how my heart beats, you’ll feel the music you sing and the rhythm your life brings that makes us all want to dance. Dance, today, atop of the world, and not today alone. Smile on us again, oh woman of our lives, so unique and so strong, smile on us for the beauty you are. Watch us, how we all dance, because of you. Thank you.



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