Where In The World Is Judah?

Amazon Jungle Marathon – the most grueling foot race in the universe.

For many seasons we played the game Where In The World Is Judah on The Jaguar Pup Show, attempting to track the extreme adventures and humanitarian missions of our buddy, Judah Epstein, affectionately called Jungle Judah.

With a map of the universe in hand and engaging clues (which were always fun and informative, expanding our perceptions of life and our concept of this grand world we live in) we’d try to track or predict where Judah is and where he will be next.

Quite frequently, the response to our discovery was a WOW! (How did he get there? Why did he go there? He was here, seems like just moments ago! When did he reach there?) Then, invariably, came the delightful Aha!

Very few of us get the chance or make the choice to do the cool things he has done. What hasn’t he done? Did you say go to Siberia? Did you say catch a woolly mammoth? Well, guess what? That’s precisely what he is charting as we speak.

Yep, Judah is still hopping and bopping around the universe, and where is he now? He is on The Journey escorting our show’s audience (listen here) through thrills and skills – this time into the Amazon Jungle Marathon – 250 kilometers on foot, stretching seven days!

Amazon Jungle Marathon - Judah (Day 7)

I, too, have plodded through that jungle (rivers and all) – yes, bare-footted too, sometimes naked, and slept right there on fallen leaves and upon dragged together branches, while I was but a wee little bit of a lad. Jaguars. Anacondas. Tarantulas. Alligators. Bugs and bites of every kind were as they always are, right there watching. Waiting. Oh, yes! But no, not for 250 kilometers non-stop and timed, with very little chance to sleep, traversing what must be some of the toughest terrain on earth, carrying everything you need to eat, sleep and clean for the duration on your back. Nope.

Judah’s journey is a snapshot of the story told in ILICET – A Time To Begin Again (Click Here to review) The wonder of the Amazon. The triumph of over coming. The horrors of evil.

Jungle Judah at night during the Amazon Jungle Marathon

Jungle Judah and his hammock - Listen On The Journey

ABC’s Nightline takes a peek at the thrills our brave brothers and sisters are in for: http://cdnapi.kaltura.com/index.php/kwidget/wid/1_sooum3k5/uiconf_id/5590821

Jungle Judah daring us to give it a try.

Reputedly, this is the world’s toughest race. The following links will lead you to its test, if you consider yourself in the mood.

  • Welcome To Jungle Marathon 2012
  • Applications For Entry
  • Volunteering
  • Download Judah’s Story
  • Listen Here to Judah Epstein on The Journey Radio Show. You are welcome to download the podcast from here or obtain weekly episodes – free – from iTunes.

    Elite athletes, beauty queens, lawyers, business men, engineers, males and females from around the globe pay thousands of dollars to endure this mind-bending agony, taking on impenetrable swamps, endless climbs, pushing the body and the mind to its breaking point, with all the odds against triumph, with the overwhelming chance that the body and mind will be broken and that you will not finish this race. You will be out thousands of dollars and tagged with a hefty medical bill. You will probably be grounded for weeks after, and you know all this going in. So why do so many men and women wait eagerly to plunge in? Why? Did you ask?

    Spaniards in the race - moving through as a team.

    Judah and The Anaconda in Venezuela. Training!?

    Jungle Marathon Winner

    And The Winner Is!!! - Yep! He Is The Amazon Jungle Marathon Winner - Age trumps youth in The Jungle

    So, why does anyone voluntarily put himself or herself through such grueling tests? Why do we endure the pain, the deprivation, risk life threatening injuries with seemingly no prize at the end? What’s the point?

    Don’t you just love it? I think Brene Brown hit the nail right on the head. Certainly for me. Can you connect the dots and spot an emerging image? Why would anyone voluntarily put himself or herself through such grueling tests? What’s the point? Here’s a hint!

    How vulnerable are we?
    How vulnerable are we willing to be?
    How willing are we to stretch and expand our perception of our capabilities?

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