The Journey

The Journey Global Radio Show & Podcast is hosted by Neville DeAngelou.

Meet fascinating folks and powerful influencers with intriguing stories and novel solutions to life’s tricky problems. Play fun exclusive games.  Enjoy audio dramatized true stories, mystery, sci-fi, and romance.  Explore exotic places. Live. Laugh. Love. Look. Listen. Lead. Learn. Yes, life is beautiful.


Allen, Jeremy  (NFL Player, Fitness Coach, Entrepreneur)

Anton, Henrique  (Educator, Entrepreneur – Lifestyle)

Anzaldua, Veronica  (Young Mother – Lifestyle – Pregnancy)

Bhola-Rathod, Priya  (Fashion Blogger – Lifestyle)

Bennett, Brandon (Life Coach – Health)

Carrizales, Jared  (SEO/Internet Marketing Consultant)

Carter, Bruce  (Dad, American Airlines Manager – Family)

Castillo, Thomas    (Coach, Lipan Apache)

Champion, Alexandria  (Texas Grandslam – Tennis Athlete)

Charles, Sean (Lifestyle Blogger)

Clemens, Tobias  (ATP, Tennis Academy Director / Coach)

Costa-Soria, David    (NCAA Athlete – Tennis)

Couchman, Ric    (Educator – Poet – Author)

Couvreur, Gregory (World Economic Forum – Health)

Crear, Tricia  (OaK Cliff Cultural Center – Poetry)

Cuadranti, Gaston  (NCAA Tennis Athlete)

Deleon, Adrian (Restauranteur, Investor)

DiFulvio, Jennifer  (Supernatural, TV)

Durant, Tito (Intern – Mission)

Ellison, Joseph  (Gamer, Student Broadcaster)

Hollis Hunt (Executive Director – Fund Raiser)

Epstein, Judah  (Explorer, Mars Research Mission Crew Commander)

Fletcher, Don (Actor, Gamer)

Flood, Tobias  (International Student – NCAA Athlete)

Fulkerson, Lana (Educator – Tennis Coach)

Garcia, Eddie (Intern – Mission)

Gallagher, Doug (Co Founder Equality Vodka, Entrepreneur)

George, Alexis  (Supernatural, TV)

George, Jewel  (Major, USAF)

Godoy, Jose (Teacher – US-Spain Swap)

Harlo, David  (Artist, Accupuncturist, Gamester)

Haby, Ben (State Champion, Athlete)

Harper, Joey  (Entrepreneur)

Harry, Adara (Singer, Storyteller)

Hearn, Kirstie  (Professional Tennis Player – ITF)

Hearn, Ruth  (Business Owner)

Hendrick, Josh  (Singer, Songwriter)

Henriquez, Bryan (Intern – Mission)

Hernandez, Raul (Intern – Mission)

Hogland, Brandon (Student Athlete, Poet)

Hogland, Wally (Tennis Dad)

Hunt, Hollis (Executive Director – Fund Raiser

Yellow Jackets (Rockwall HS)

Jackson, Brandon (Author, Poet)

Jacobson, Doug (Co Founder, Equality Vodka, Entrepreneur)

Lindau, Susie  (Humorist, Blogger)

Lobo, Ludi (Teacher – US-Spain Swap)

Jenkins, Dr. David  (Professor, Department Chair)

Klien, Andre (Preacher, Podium Guest)

Knapp, Kyle (SMU, Student)

Kuczer, David  (Lawyer, NCAA Athlete, SMU)

Kurtz, Saul (Singer/Songwriter, Coach)

Levine, Max  (Student Athlete)

Malano , Jai (OCCC Vocalist)

Mancera, Luis Ramos (Intern – Mission)

Marina, Anita (Human Resources Manager)

Marina, Booker

Mayo, Austin  (Student Athlete)

Mayo, Shannon  (Tennis Mom)

Milles, Nathaniel  (State Champion, Athlete, XC – Flower Mound)

Mulas, Gerardo (Athletic Director, Coach, Business Owner)

Nalin, Nitin  (Engineer)

Newborn, Rhiann  (Student Athlete)

Ian O’Jon  (Student Athlete)

Papp, Zoltan (Coach, ATP Tournament Director)

Perez, Arisel (State Champion, Athlete – San Antonio)

Price, Bessie (Retired)

Price, Rick
(Retired Telecom Executive)

Quezada, Ryan (State Champion, Athlete, XC)

Randall, Brenda (Poet)

Razavi, Amir  (Actor & Poet)

Rice, Priscilla  (Poet)

Richey, Will  (Poet)

Ragobeer, Dr. Paulette (University Professor)

Ruzo, Dr. Andres (Scientist)

Saldana, Thomas ‘Toes’  (Stare Champion Athlete, XC – Corpus Christi)

She, Jiaji (Chinese Student)

Solomon, Grant G (NCAA Athlete, Harvard)

Smith, Lyn (Poet)

Story, Rosalyn (Author & Violinist)

Tate, James (Dallas Prosecutor Academy, GLSEN, Business Owner

Theriault, Pat Stanley (Real Talk TV Host & Actress)

Tinning, Melissa  (Editor, Writer)

Thompson, Joshua  (Marathoner, Orchestra Director)

Umoquit, Gabriella  (Student Athlete)

Veloz, Luis  (Student Advocate)

Yearwood, Keith Dr, (Scientist)

Zada, Alan & Sheri  (School Board)

Zuniga, Benjamin  (Entrepreneur)

Topics & Issues



African American Heritage

Authors & Books


Community & Culture

Education & Empowerment


Family & Relationships


Food & Nutrition


Gay Voices

Health & Wellbeing


Inspiration & Motivation


Love & Romance

Men & Masculinity

Music on The Journey


Religion & Religious Issues

Science & Technology

Sports & Athletes




Wonder Women

Youth Life

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