A Sound Byte Life

 by Neville DeAngelou



2:26AM, The Gathering – Book 1 (SBL series) – It’s a matchbox mystery.

Heart. Passion. Intrigue. Epic Storytelling. Brilliant revelations.

The sun rises upon a terrible knowledge. Parelli is dead. A baby is in the hole. You hear the rumble. You feel earth moving. Fires are ignited. Culture, learning and reason are about to go up in smoke.

It is a tale spun from the threads of history. In turns dark and humorous, in tones richly sensual, deeply spiritual, it is a mystery entered from many levels and must be solved before everything is incinerated.

They swoop down on you – Lex’s satirical brilliance, Quong’s comic genius, Maria’s sharp wit – but in this Frostian twist the stage is set. You discover the mystery you entered is not their’s; it is your own. They did not come to solve it for you and midnight has come and gone.

This is a Matchbox Mystery – wonderfully woven, brilliantly told. 

A Sound Byte Life (Book 1 – SBL Series)

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“A rich and delightful read. An excellent matchbox mystery: tickles the funny bone, the heart and the brain. A wickedly witty savvy opening series; you’ll return to it, time and again.” _ Chalkboard Review

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