A Sound Byte Life

 by Neville DeAngelou



2:26AM, The Gathering – Book 1 (SBL series) – It’s a matchbox mystery.

Heart. Passion. Intrigue. Epic Storytelling. Brilliant revelations.

2:26 AM by Neville DeAngelou explores how the narratives we embody and the narratives that embody us restrain or propel us throughout our journey. It examines life’s nitty-gritty – whether the good person, the successful person, the one who survives, thrives, is driven more by virtue or self-interest. It is a powerful dramatization of those momentous shifts that has brought humanity to where we are today, as we  rise inexorably toward a population of 9 billion, and anticipates where the next momentous shift will arise.


Peena is stuck. The shine has gone from her life. Things she used to do she can do no more. Deep in a hole, danger looming, Peena must decide which of three extended hands to grab onto: the hand of the hustler, the riddler or the clown?

Clay is new. Young and curious. Unaware of his potential. Not set upon by any goal nor purposed in any direction, Clay experiences life as is. Today, he is taken in by a most engaging Master Tutor, but are these the eyes of a trickster or a guide to a grand adventure?

This fast-paced Matchbox Mystery is set in a sound-byte world. Clay, Peena and an array of intriguing, if at times fun, at times frightening and always fascinating characters are negotiating life at the very time three of the world’s four supernatural forces directed by the excellent order, the evil order, and the evolutionary order are unleashed in vicious combat over an argument about a Divine creation, some of these lured characters now their pawns, for earth is in a crunch caught in a vice-like grip by the wants and intentions of these three superior forces, and some groups are under severe attack. But all is not lost.

In the process of diving through these dilemmas the reader is awakened to a new reality. The mystery, once resolved, is not Clay’s nor Peena’s nor anyone else’s; it is a personal mystery. At resolution, as it is with matchbox mysteries, a fire is lit, a window opens, light comes through. A new question arises!

A Sound Byte Life (Book 1 – SBL Series)

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“A rich and delightful read. An excellent matchbox mystery: tickles the funny bone, the heart and the brain. A wickedly witty savvy opening series; you’ll return to it, time and again.” _ Chalkboard Review

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