A Sound Byte Life

 by Neville DeAngelou

Sensuous. Savvy. Wise. Wicked. Witty.

A Sound Byte Life – Book 1 (SBL series) – is a matchbox mystery.

Earth is in a crunch, caught in a vice-like grip by the insatiable desires, determinations, wants and intentions of three superior forces, and some groups are under severe attack. But all is not lost.

Well, for some, actually, there is no hope; they are completely lost – blinded and dumbfounded by toxic smoke and twisted mirrors. They can no longer even hear the rumble.

For a vast many others though there is still much hope. One might even say they are on the verge of experiencing that remarkable Ah!

You see, TenVernGom has complete dominion over all human realms. Her governance is impeccable. Her vision is far reaching and her loyal subjects are well-rewarded. However, she is in open defiance of The Presidium, having refused to abide by universal protocols, and she is aware of The Presidium’s infiltration. She has set for them a most remarkable trap.

Lex Gantor, one of TenVernGom’s powerful nemeses, challenges her to free the ‘Its’ whom TenVernGom has restricted. Arguing on their behalf, Lex advances that they are undeserving of the severity of TenVernGom’s judgement and that their release would be to her greater advantage. She disagrees and bluntly refuses, believing Lex Gantor has also walked right into her trap. He wont be an easy catch, however, he is unaware TenVernGom is about to capture one of his most prized agents – a Winged Satyr of impeccable beauty.

Miss Peena May Montague, a descendant of the Earl of Castries, has trouble enough trying to figure out why she feels an entire section of her memory has been erased simultaneous with the disappearance of her charming confidant and lover, Martin Perelli. She is caught in the cross-fire of a shout-out and is convinced she is targeted for assassination. Besides, if she doesn’t escape this crossfire in tact and in time to close on a billon-dollar deal one hundred and sixty three employees will suffer. She needs urgent help and she is aware of what The Sage has said. “Everyone living long enough will slip into a deep hole and look up for help. Three hands will appear. The hand of a hustler. The hand of a riddler. And the hand of a clown. Choose wisely or be buried there.” Peena is in a deep hole and three hands have reached out to help her.

Three of Lex Gantor’s most sophisticated agents – Winged Satyrs – must learn quickly, before TenVernGom could activate her eternal trap, everything possible about what makes humans tick and what renders them most susceptible to TenVernGom’s tricks. To decide what would best reveal everything about the human in time to deactivate TenVernGom’s trap, one agent selected the cell phone, one agent selected music, and the third agent selected the contents of the human gut. What was uncovered to be TenVernGom’s plan-of-retribution is an incredible shocker for which no side is prepared.

It seems, though, Lex Gantor has a plan of his own, as well as, an ace in the hole. No one, but no one, has guessed what he is about. Humanity is in the balance.

A Sound Byte Life (Book 1 - SBL Series)

Kindle Nook

“A rich and delightful read. An excellent matchbox mystery: tickles the funny bone, the heart and the brain. A wickedly witty savvy opening series; you’ll return to it, time and again.” _ Chalkboard Review

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