Flight Of The Fused Monkeys

by Neville DeAngelou

Albert Einstein said, “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” We travel not to escape life. We travel so life will never escape us. We fly.

Flight Of The Fused Monkeys is a spectacular journey: fun, full of surprises, and worth every boiling breath through the great maze. Enjoy.

Star 5 Series

Flight Of The Fused Monkeys (Star 5 Series) Book 1: Allegorical novel. The Great Maze.

Audio: Audible
Audio: iTunes

Flight Of The Fused Monkeys. SciFi. Fantasy. Mystery. Your friends will catch you laughing in least expected places.

How far would you go for family? For freedom? For power? For love? This book will change your mind.

It is a story full of fire and water and metal and air, a ticklish story sided with giggling angels fleshed with the sweetest honey sticks.

It is a heart-pumping story. Eyes through black nights slip through cracks in broad daylight. Black dusts rise above flattened cities deemed too infested to thrive. Eagles and roaches spy.

It is a soldier’s story – Baba! Navigating the Great Maze in search of GrandPa, Baba presses through the great battle in defense of his truth, hiding his secret in the music – phenomenal music – and discovers a universal reality: they see us; they hear us. Yaya will rock your world. Nana will lift your soul. Mama and Papa will cause you to stand before your mirror and breathe.

It is a peculiarly romantic story. Love is unscrambled. Lives are screwed. Nipples moistened with chocolate are licked, nibbled and strudeled. Cherry baskets on blankets are everywhere aplenty. Berry bushes that shake idly in the gentle breezes betwixt the sun and the moon turn breathlessly busy during midweek afternoons. And though there are fools, wisdom abounds.

It is a fascinating book – a rollicking adventure, an exhilarating mystery – a remarkable allegory of the futility of power, the promiscuity of fear, and the cruelty of truth. It is equally a fable about earth’s sweetest poison – love – through which the breadth and depth of an unfathomable love is brilliantly revealed. Rivaling gods play their majestic roles magnificently. And life is transformed: it is a rewarding experience. Thrilling.

Flight Of The Fused Monkeys by Neville DeAngelou is a great traveling companion. If you’ve never experienced a top-performance audio-book ( Audible ) or ( iTunes ) this story is the perfect experience to get you hooked. You will meet the feared Prince Of The Ceremonies – Potca – the Lords of the seven dominions, the most feared Assassins, Guardians Of The Gate, The Cake Maker, The Cart Woman, and Yossi the irrepressible bodyguard; all of them unforgettable mouth-watering characters you’ll feast on daily. You will face a most poignant life question then discover why it is so incredibly valuable to seek and find its answer. Then you will. Enjoy.

Star 5 Series – Book 1 – Flight Of The Fused Monkeys

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“Your friends will catch you smiling a lot.” _ Couture

“A layered, lyrical allegory. A divine work of art appealing to all our senses, daring us to ask and answer the question we’re often afraid to ask as we confront ourselves. Provocative. Insightful. Hilarious. Inspiring. Sensuous. Sweet. A beautiful escape. A bold revelation.” _ Chalkboard Review

“I am a musician; I can feel the rhythm in this book. I like that art and music are integral parts of the plot. I like Nana. It’s a great adventure. I can’t wait for the next book in the series … and I plan to read this (book) again.” _ Cody Chadwick

Flight Of The Fused Monkeys

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