This Is Your Life

You are alive! This is it. Your life. My life. His. Hers. Theirs. Intertwined. We are living it out in REAL time. But what’s that? Really! Take a deep breath. Sheer wonder.

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Giants Came And Took Them

I walk with hands out front. Like this. Open. They catch rain. And sunlight. At night, angels fill them with diamonds. So far I’ve been lucky; the birds have spared them. Can’t say the same for my head. Toward persons approaching, I switch and hold my hands out this way – hug-ready. For those few seconds this universe is as comfy as a baby in a new mama’s bosom. Ah! But all eyes do not the same thing see. Like this, some see a beggar coming. And this way, some see a threat. Oh, well! That’s life.

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