Mamasita And The GOOD Drunk

Life is not a rehearsal; the BIG show has begun. And we’re never sure if we’ll get another chance. The time to be is now.

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Three Hands & A Deep Hole

Perhaps you’ve heard of Jessica McClure. Or of Kathy Fiscus. Or of Floyd Collins – especially if you’re into the classics. Perhaps, you’ve held your breath, glued, wondering if that person will get out of that deep hole, or how, or how long it will take, and what story that person will tell if he or she emerges alive, or what you’d do if you were trapped. Here’s what The Sage says.

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Thank You Please

GRATITUDE. What is it? A GREAT ATTITUDE. Isn’t it? Traveling on The Journey through intriguing places and meeting fascinating people with novel solutions we encounter the many beautiful ways people LIVE, LAUGH and LOVE. University students from Germany, Spain, Argentina, US and the Caribbean reveal their attitude to gratitude, represented by their favorite movies.

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