Brandon Hogland

Poetry On The Journey
by Brandon Hogland

Brandon Hogland

#1 Tennis Player (Rockwall HS TX)
Budding Writer; Great Cook

Favorite Movie: Gladiator
Favorite Foods: Italian
Favorite Players: Agassi, Monfils

Brandon Hogland on The Journey Radio Show
Show’s Blog: Three Hands & A Deep Hole

Last Wishes by Brandon Hogland

I am at my last breath
I have given up my pride; my knees have felt the ground.
My ocean blue eyes begin to glaze over in the west sun,
and my heart cries out over the sea.
I hear the voice of my father; but I wish to stay with you.
I can feel through the cold wind in my hair; my old friend Gabriel.
He whispers to me “Come home brother”,
but I deny him in my consent, longing for you.
My mother stands by my side and whispers in my ear;
“Come with us, and wish upon every star in the sky”
but I shed a never-ending tear along my downtrodden face,
attempting desperately to keep the connection i once shared with you.
I can now hear you beautiful voice across the vast ocean,
telling my heart to let go.
I yet again listen to my mother saying
“Sail with us on this infinite voyage, and your
heart will never stand alone again.”
I shed one last tear; begging the forgiveness of your consent,
and I set foot on the galleon, to take me across the
Crystal blue ocean as the pale moon meets the west sun.

… dedicated to my Grandmother and Grandfather, who passed on in 2011

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The HUNK I Dreamed (Nook / Kindle)

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  • Phantom by Brandon Hogland

    She roams the dark streets of solemnity
    Opening doors where hearts have closed them,
    And she speaks into their hearts, and they listen!

    Live and Learn
    Forgive and Forget
    Love and be Loved

    Walking where the lights have dimmed
    She projects her shadow across the night sky,
    calling out into the night:

    Live and Learn
    Forgive and Forget
    Love and be Loved

    She steps around the corner of the broken
    windowpane, where broken glass covers the ground.
    She picks up the pieces and yet again
    speaks out to the shattered love of fools.

    Live and Learn
    Forgive and Forget
    Love and be Loved

    The red sun rises as she comes to the end of the road.
    Her eyes begin to glaze while the waves crash
    against the gray shore, and she cries out “Peace”
    to the violent current, and they listen to her plea
    This phantom walks into the world saying,
    “Hope has left many hearts, but will never be lost
    She walks this never-ending path of pure solemnity
    and her spirit cries out to all

    Live and Learn
    Forgive and Forget
    Love and be Loved

    Brandon Hogland

    The Serious Business Of Tennis

    Evermore by Brandon Hogland

    One by one
    Standing next to one another
    On the ship set to evermore, all 100 men
    Staring into the west sun.
    I stand two down from the captain, and
    One down from my brother.
    As we spend our last moment together
    Gazing, pondering, dreaming about previous ecstasies,
    The captain speaks, “each waking moment
    Spent on earth has brought you here at this
    Glorious moment. Cherish this moment!
    It is not your last, only the
    Beginning of many more glorious moments.
    Cherish the end of your own ignorance when you
    See the rising sun ignite truth within your eyes!!
    Let not fear be your hearts motive when
    Entering these hallowed gates; love will be your guide.
    Only remember that we are no longer
    Shadows in a vague world, nor
    Dust that is carried by the cold wind.
    When all darkness passes, light
    Begins to find my eyes. I
    See myself between my brother and the
    Great captain, kneeling before the king.

    Oath Of A Loving Gentlemen by Brandon Hogland

    Give me your hand, trust me with your heart, and
    Believe with your spirit that I can lead your heart.
    For I will take you forth across the dark shadow of this world, and
    Bring to you the gift of love that resides within my own heart.
    If your give me your hand,
    I will give you back the life that was owed to you.  
    If you trust me,
    We will have many voyages,
    And within those voyages lay many trials,
    And within those trials lies victory and defeat,
    But if you trust in me,
    We will achieve inevitable victory through our love.
    Our love will be the strongest among our brothers and sisters,
    And it will be the oldest of all our descendants.  
    For if you believe in me,
    I will take your hand across many generations,
    And as we pass into the next world,
    I will hold your hand in mine as we
    Walk through the graveyard of our ancestors,
    And I will grasp you tightly as we
    Make our way to the golden gates of our forefathers.
    When we pass through you will say
    “We have finished our journey, we have conquered death”
    And my heart speaks through my tongue in reply
    “Death is only the beginning along the journey of love
    In this eternity within the great palace of my fathers”.

    The midnight Balerinist by Brandon Hogland

    The clock strikes twelve and the

    Moonlights bale shines brightly over the garden chapel.

    Elegance paves its winding road and the

    Moonlight sets its gaze upon Beauty.

    Grace carries her feet under the Rosebud tree,

    Dancing passionately among the stars.

    My eyes lock upon her legs

    Gliding through the night air.

    My heart beats to the rhythm of her every step

    And every step in sync with my beating heart.

    Beneath the moonlight crest

    Lies the one true desire of every man’s heart.

    She is one with man, one with nature,

    And one with the universe

    Sharing never ending love with every living soul.

    Tonight, Beauty dances across the

    Winding road into the Chapel.

    The vines release their violent grasp, and

    Pure Eloquence blooms from the Rosebud tree.

    The wind blows her golden hair across her face as her legs

    Point towards the heavens from whence she came.

    Tonight, the one fear that I run from will be the

    Love that every man runs to.

    Tonight is a night when all true desires become genuine,

    When passion is rekindled,

    Hope renewed and Love secured.

    Tonight, the clock strikes twelve and

    Beauty dances into the night sky

    Under the moonlight crest.

    Parable to Mankind (My brothers and Sisters) by Brandon Hogland
    Cast your lots, I keep none for myself.
    Cast your stones, I have none to throw.
    Cast your words of slander, I have none to say.
    I only carry the love that resides deep within my heart.
    Can you truly say you carry love when you
    Carry burdensome stones in your pocket.
    Can you truly claim you carry peace when you
    Strike ripples in the water when you release your
    Vigorous words of fear and anger.
    A storm brews within your heart, and you have no
    Strength to fight against it with your
    Words that contain no love, nor your
    Rocks that can’t even break through the cold wind.
    Lay down your rocks.
    Yield your words, and
    Walk among the stars with me.
    Pick up your rightful honor and make
    Reunion with your fallen comrades.
    Lay down your pride and you will find
    Passage to true enlightenment.
    Make room for love, and peace will find its way in.

    Fatal Elegance by Brandon Hogland
    You have a Fatal Elegance about you.
    Fairest among fairest.
    The brightest star in the sky,
    And the last to keep burning in the west sun.
    Your voice carries my heart across ocean water,
    And you make me fall to my knees in consent of my love for you.
    You alone could tempt the devil himself,
    With your eyes glazed of Emerald
    and your hair of Golden silk
    Shining Brightly in the Sun.
    Such beautiful elegance, yet so fatal,
    Leaving my heart bleeding on your mantel,
    With simple request of your consent.
    Such beauty yet so fatal,
    Blinding my eyes with your bright hair.
    For one look at your face could turn it into stone.
    Such beauty.
    Such elegance
    Yet so Fatal.

    2 responses to “Brandon Hogland

    1. This is such an amazing poem for such a young guy. You have a bright future in writing if the tennis thing doesn’t work out! I am still playing too! Our USTA season starts in May.

      • Hi this is Brandon, My apologies for the late response. Thank you for reading and appreciating my writing. I hope you continue to enjoy my future postings, and I hope you continue to enjoy tennis. it is a sport that lasts a lifetime. My season started seventeen years ago, and i don’t think it will ever end!!!

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