Verse And Rhythm 2

Oak Cliff Cultural Center Night Of Spoken Word

An evening of talented spoken word performers and singers – Produced by Priscilla Rice, Hosted by B Randall, Introduced by Tisha Crear, Cultural Program Coordinator Gerardo M. Robles.

Audio and video versions of performances are being rolled out here and will continue until completed. Performers appearing on this page (See also Live Program) are as follows:

The Full Program (Live) on The Journey – Your Radio Show [Also available for free download and sharing.]

Video Page 1, Page 2, Page 3

desertedpoetic – PUNTO

Amir Razavi – I Thought & Pondered, Perfection, Wishes

Ruby Castillo – I Am Not The Girl

Abigail Alexis Vasquez – Singing

Spankey D – Do You Feel Me?

Additional selected videos and audio of broadcasted Verse & Rhythm performances (see list below) will continue to be rolled out here until completed. Enjoy. Share. (Podcast of The Journey’s Broadcast of Verse & Rhythm).

    Jai Malano
    B. Randall
    Tisha Crear
    Joanna Osorio
    JuNene K.
    Abigail Alexis Vasquez
    La Bron Robinson

Video Page 1, Page 2, Page 3

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