My Christmas Tree

My Christmas Tree is tall and evergreen. Its branches are robust and prickly – the joyous energy of veritable brothers: David and Gaston, Brandon and Deivid, Misha and Pablo. My Christmas tree is sprinkled with joy dust – loads dipped from the shavings of a life alive with the love and laughter above par that of any acquired family spreading hope and cheer: Andre, Leyland, Noel, Ric, Chris, Keith, Joan, Janice, Giilan, Martha, Grace and Yvette.

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Thank You Please

GRATITUDE. What is it? A GREAT ATTITUDE. Isn’t it? Traveling on The Journey through intriguing places and meeting fascinating people with novel solutions we encounter the many beautiful ways people LIVE, LAUGH and LOVE. University students from Germany, Spain, Argentina, US and the Caribbean reveal their attitude to gratitude, represented by their favorite movies.

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