My Christmas Tree

My Christmas Tree is tall and evergreen. Its branches are robust and prickly – the joyous energy of veritable brothers: David and Gaston, Brandon and Deivid, Misha and Pablo. My Christmas tree is sprinkled with joy dust – loads dipped from the shavings of a life alive with the love and laughter above par that of any acquired family spreading hope and cheer: Andre, Leyland, Noel, Ric, Chris, Keith, Joan, Janice, Giilan, Martha, Grace and Yvette.

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Seal The Deal – Effective Link Building

How do we jump to the top of the Social Network ladder? German professional Tennis Player & SMU Coach Tobias Clemens, SE0 Consultant Jared Carrizales, and Computer Engineer Nitn Nalin answers are revealing, amusing and top class.

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