The Mystery

A Sound Byte Life! Intriguing. Poignant. Rewarding. It is a matchbox mystery in the empowering traditions of the griots.  A Sound Byte Life is available for your Kindle, your Nook, for your favorite device. Dramatized and non-dramatized audiobooks are also available. Enjoy.

“Everyone living long enough will slip into a deep hole, get stuck and look up for help. Three hands will appear: the hand of a hustler, the hand of a riddler, and the hand of a clown. Choose wisely or be buried there.” The Sage.


Dramatized Highlight of A Sound Byte Life!

Kindle, Nook, iPad and other digital devices.

Isn’t it strange how often the solutions we desperately need are found in peculiar places: a hole, the palm of a soiled hand, scribbled across the ceiling visible only when you’re flat on your back?

What is a Matchbox Mystery?

More importantly, what is IN your MATCHBOX?

These Matchbox Mysteries have THREE unique elements – The Aha! The OMG! The WOW! – then comes The Twist, which is quite often magical, sweet & juicy – Your Ah!

Now you can sleep.

In many mystery genres a crime is committed. The task is to sort out who committed the crime, or against whom the crime was committed, or how the crime was committed, or how clever the notable sleuth is at solving the crime. It’s fun.

There is that. However, the first task (the opening joy – foreplay) for a matchbox mystery sleuth – i.e. YOU – is to exercise your genius at spotting the mystery – THE AHA! The what-in-the-heck-just-happened?

Usually, several minor ahas intertwine the major aha – rather like gems discovered en route to the Great Big Gotcha! That HUGE GLITTERING rock that only you can see. 

So, how clever are you? Now that you have spotted the mother-whopper, how will you grab it before someone else does?

Not to worry if you’re not so sure, there are enough tickles to make you whoop and holler along the way. Gotcha! Stick around, you’ll discover more. Much more! It’s a series.


You begin with a box of matches – all of which belong – each of which will ignite a fire, but, aha! Which match ignited the blaze that hides the mystery? Who scratched the match? Why? Is anyone caught in the blaze? Who will perform the rescue? Can you? Will you light the lamp to peek in the closet? Beware of The Twist.

Come along and give it a try. You won’t chew off all of your fingers; I promise. One or two! Maybe. But you’ve got ten. Regardless, you’ll experience a sweet change along the way. Cut your chops on A Sound Byte Life by Neville DeAngelou.  This one is easy. Reclaim Your Greatest Human Capacity. A quick read, but it’ll stay with you for a long while. It’s an SBL series.

Kindle and Kindle Fire (media)    NookBook    IPad (media)

A Sound Byte Life

A Sound Byte Life

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