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You are on The Journey – Your Global Radio Show hosted by Neville DeAngelou. We meet fascinating folks with intriguing stories and novel solutions to some of life’s tricky problems. We play a few games too.  Live. Laugh. Love. Look. Listen. Learn with us. Your Voice Illuminated!




Radio Show Guests:

Allen, Jeremy (NFL, Fitness, Entrepreneur)
Anton, Henrique (Life Change – Education)
Anzaldua, Veronica (Pregnancy)
Bhola-Rathod, Priya (Fashion and Style)
Carrizales, Jared (SEO/Internet Marketing Consultant)
Carter, Bruce (American Airlines, Manager)
Castillo, Thomas (Coach, Lipan Apache)
Champion, Alexandria (Athlete)
Charles, Sean (Life Style Blogger)
Clemens, Tobias (Director / Coach)
Costa-Soria, David (Athlete)
Couchman, Ric (Poet)
Crear, Tricia (OaK Cliff Cultural Center)
Cuadranti, Gaston (Athlete)
DiFulvio, Jennifer (Supernatural, TV)
Durant, Tito (Student – Love)
Ellison, Joseph (Gamer, Student Broadcaster)
Epstein, Judah (Explorer, Mars Research Mission Crew Commander)
Fletcher, Don (Actor, Gamer)
Flood, Tobias (Athlete)
Fulkerson, Lana (Coach)
Garcia, Eddie (Student – Love)
Gallagher, Doug (Co Founder, Equality Vodka)
George, Alexis (Supernatural, TV)
George, Jewel (Major USAF)
Harlo, David (Artist, Accupuncturist, Gamester)
Haby, Ben (Athlete)
Harper, Joey (Entrepreneur)
Harry, Adara (Singer, Storyteller)
Hearn, Kirstie (Professional Tennis Player)
Hearn, Ruth (Business)
Hendrick, Josh (Singer, Songwriter)
Henriquez, Bryan (Student – Love)
Hernandez, Raul (Student – Love)
Hogland, Brandon (Student Athlete, Poet)
Hogland, Wally (Tennis Dad)
Yellow Jackets (Rockwall HS)
Jackson, Brandon (Author, Poet)
Jacobson, Doug (Co Founder, Equality Vodka)
Lindau, Susie (Humorist, Blogger)
Jenkins, Dr. David (TCU, Department Chair)
Klien, Andre (Preachers To The Podium)
Knapp, Kyle (SMU, Student)
Kuczer, David (Coach)
Kurtz, Saul (Singer/Songwriter, Coach)
Levine, Max (Athlete)
Jai Malano (Vocalist)
Mancera, Luis Ramos (Student – Love)
Marina, Anita (Corporate)
Marina, Booker (Corporate)

Mayo, Austin (Athlete)
Mayo, Shannon (Mom)
Milles, Nathaniel (Athlete, XC – Flower Mound)
Mulas, Gerardo (Athletic Director)
Nalin, Nitin (Engineer)
Newborn, Rhiann (Athlete)
Ian O’Jon (Athlete)
Papp, Zoltan (Coach, Tournament Director)
Perez, Arisel (Athlete)
Price, Bessie (Retired)
Price, Rick (Retired)

Quezada, Ryan (Athlete, XC)
Randall, Brenda (Host)
Razavi, Amir (Actor & Poet)
Rice, Priscilla (Poetry)
Richey, Will (Poetry)
Ragobeer, Paulette (Science Lecturer, University Of Guyana)
Ruzo, Andres (Scientist, National Geographic Young Explorer)
Saldana, Thomas ‘Toes’ (Athlete, XC – Corpus Christi)
Solomon, Grant G (Athlete)
Smith, Lyn (Poet Lyn Lyric)
Story, Rosalyn (Author & Violinist)
James Tate (Organiser: Dallas Prosecutor Academy), GLSEN
Theriault, Pat Stanley (Real Talk TV Host & Actress)
Tinning, Melissa (Book Club, Editor, Writer)
Thompson, Joshua (Marathoner, Orchestra Director)
Umoquit, Gabriella (Athlete)
Veloz, Luis (Advocate)
Yearwood, Keith Dr, (Scientist)
Zada, Alan & Sheri (Marriage)
Zuniga, Benjamin (Entrepreneur)

Radio Show Topics & Issues:

3 Hands & A Deep Hole (Opinions & Discussion)
A Father-Daughter Conversation: The Woman In The Corner
Are You Smarter Than A Superstorm – Dr. Yearwood
A Value Beyond Measure (Value #5)
Adoption Options
Around The Campfire: (Ep1) Nature, Nurture or Nightmare
Black Heritage: Help Me Understand
Black Heritage: Sundown City, God & Nappy Hair
Books: Wading Home by Rosalyn Story
Book Readings (Live)
Business: The Business Of Doing Business
Community: Be The Change
Community: Stop Bullying
Dallas Tennis Classic 2012
Education – College Athletes on The American Experience Open Mike
Education – Henrique’s Remarkable New Beginning
Education – How I Got Into Law School
Family – In Pursuit Of Fairness, Dr. David Jenkins & Mr. Bruce Carter – Modern Family Part 1
Family – On Becoming A Parent & Inter-family Dynamics – Modern Family Part 2
Fashion – DFW Style With Priya Bhola Rathod
Games: Which Hand Will You Choose? Mental Strength.
Games Men Play
Gay Voices
Happiness – Love – a beautiful thing
Health – Humorist Susie Lindau’s Boob Report
Health – Family Care
Health – Unexpected Pregnancy
Humility – The Thrill of The Kill (In The Village)
Humor – Humorist Susie Lindau’s Boob Report (Authors Round Table Season 2, Session 3)
LGBTQ Voices, Issues & Concers
Love – Young Interns On A Mission With Love
Love – Susie’s Ten Secrets To Long Lasting Quality Relationship
Poetry: Readings 1
Poetry – Verse & Rhyme (Oak Cliff Cultural Center Spoken Word Night)
Poetry – Poets Round Table Season 2 Opener: Somewhere Between Logic & Reason
Poetry – Poets Round Table Ep1 – Not Another Love Poem – BRandall
Poetry – Poets Round Table Ep2 – Sex, Suffering & Spirituality – Two West Indian Poets
Poetry – Poets Round Table Ep3 – I Am More Than That – Live Performances
Poetry – Poets Round Table Ep4 – Famine Of Tears
Poetry – A Chat With Poet Black Page (Poets Round Table series)
Preachers To The Podium
Relationships: Susie’s Ten Secrets To A Long-Lasting Quality Relationship
Relationships: The Zada Secret To Healthy Long Lasting Relationship
Relationships: Fatherhood: My Daddy Sings! Josh Hendrick
Science: Global Warming, Climate Change – Are You Smarter Than A Superstorm?
Science: Geothermal Energy – Geoscientist Andres Ruzo In The Ring Of Fire
Sealing The Deal
Social Networking Strategies – Link Building
Storytelling: A Step In Time
Storytelling: Little Mango Big Mango Tree
StoryTelling: Around The Campfire: Nature, Nurture or Nightmare
Special: Christmas: Naughty-Naghty & Nice with The Yule Logs
Sport: Coach Tobias Clemens In Peru
Sport: College Athletes on The American Experience Open Mike
Sport: Games Men Play
Sport: Grant Solomon On The Rise
Sport: How I Got Into Law School
Sport: Personal Development – Prepping The Golden Child with Gerardo Mulas
Sport: Running – Joshua Thompson World Major Marathoner
Sport: Running – The Day 7 Boys Became Men (Series) hosted by Arisel Perez
Sport: Tennis – UIL – State Championships – Hearts Full Of Gold
Sport: Tennis – Hart and Hogland To State Playoffs (Coach Fulkerson)
Sport: Tennis – Texas Grand Slam
Sport: Tennis – Miguel Goncalves, The Athlete Trait & Your Health Check Up
Sport: The Business Of Sport
Sport: Transitioning From A Student Athlete Into A Professional
Sport: Cross Country – The Day 7 Boys Became Men (Series) hosted by Arisel Perez
Technology: Season 2 (A Series)
Tribute: Memorial Day Tribute To Our Heroes
Tribute: Our Journey With Madiba Nelson Mandela
Unique Traditions – Christmas
TV – Supernatural (The CW)
TV – Supernatural (The Boys Are Home)
TV – Supernatural (Fan Girls Play Blankiteblank)
Women: Dr. Yearwood’s Five Mighty Women
Women: Paulette Ragobeer Honors Five Mighty Women
Women: Major Jewel George (USAF) – My Great Inspiration
Women: The Beautiful Woman – Melissa Tinning with Pat Theriault & Jade Beall
YOUTH: Safe Schools Advocacy – (Luis Veloz 2012 Student Advocate Of The Year)
YOUTH: Personal Development – Out Of The Abyss, Into My Skin 1 – Kyle Knapp
YOUTH: Personal Development – Out Of The Abyss, Into My Skin 2 – Kyle Knapp
Youth Life – Dreamers Hill – Living The Dream or Tail Between The Legs
Youth Life – Dreamers Hill – A Wider View From Dreamers Hill – Aconcagua

En route to A Place Called Ah, we track the intriguing characters, heroes and icons inhabiting the pages of three classics: A Sound-Byte Life,  Flight Of The Fused Monkeys, and ILICET – A Time To Begin Again. Meet your favorite authors, actors, poets, musicians, organizers, philosophers, preachers, scientists, thought leaders, fathers, mothers and brilliant kids from around the globe. We love discovering their stories. Always remember: This is YOUR life; only YOU can live it.

Coach Hoosh Sharing His Greatest Inspiration

Enjoy Intriguing Quick Reads and Empowering True Stories on your iPhone, iPad, Nook and Kindle:

Travel along. Tweet. Talk back: BlogTalkRadio-The Journey. Call in on (310) 982-4124 to speak to the host, ask a question or share your story. It’s YOUR Radio Show – The Journey. Find The Treasure. Scratch your head. Live. Love. Laugh. LAUGH. Laugh harder! Cry. Just don’t kick the cat. Or the dog!

A smart book for your Smart Devices: Author of The Rat And The Alley Cat (How To Get What You Want While You Are Busy Changing The World). Available for your iPhone, iPad, Nook, Kindle and other digital reading devices at less than the cost of a coffee. Sample it. Share it.

The Rat And The Alley Cat by Neville DeAngelou

How To Get What You Want While You’re Busy Changing The World

OUR Theme: Live. Laugh. Love. This is your life; Only YOU can live it.

Guest Links:

Adoption – Gladney Center For Adoption
Bully (The Bully Project)
Content Keen
Dallas Citizen Prosecutor Academy
Dark Girls Movie Website
DFW Style Daily
Oak Cliff Cultural Center
Shores Tennis Rockwall


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